all things old school: November 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

ICEBREAKER - Breaching The Surface

Location: Stockholm, Sverige
Release: DIY, 2014

New project from the GUILTY fellas, together with others from Anchor and Gust they bring us ICEBREAKER in a 4-song demo of thrash-induced hardcore. It has even more metal influences than Guilty, track 4 features Martijin from No Turning Back. HEAVY!  

thanx to pingua metalhead

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Location: California, US
Release: DIY, 2014

2014 must have beaten the new record for the amount of new cool releases and reissues of long out of print classic albums, heres another case. I remember listening to THESE STREETS' first EP (Life From The Gutter) earlier this year and it gets you going, all pumped up and mentally vexed. Now they are back with 9 new tracks, more tight and fierce.

They throw in a good measure of beatdown and groovy NYHC (aka Biohazard's formula), it also features different vocals (timbres and styles) filled with gang singalongs which definitely adds up a notch and makes Clockwise even more enjoyable to listen through. The quality of the recording is something that doesn't go unnoticed, done at the Mayhemeness Studio (Bob Swanson), which makes you wonder why theres no label backing this up at the moment.

Fav track is the one with Wang from Bad Times Crew, great team up. They really took Warhound's place with this new record.

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Friday, November 14, 2014

APPRAISE - Deeper Than That

Location: Barcelona, España
Release: Refuse / Can't Keep Us Down, 2014

First full-length and best material to date by these straight edgers in APPRAISE, fronted by Gabi (Cycle Records, Fire & Ice Fest) who puts a lot of effort into their local scene and counts with ex-members from Cinder and Power.

They did a South American tour in Jan/Feb last year and I had the chance to see them live that occasion, great energy! A few months later during the Clearview Eurotour, some of the boys stayed at Miguel's apartment during our visit in Barcelona, he handles the bass in Appraise. After all this, It feels pretty great they pulled off this LP and what a ripping record it is, demonstrating the strength of not only the Youth Crew but the hardcore punk in the Iberian peninsula. 

PURCHASE HERE (Germany) / HERE (Spain)
DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SORRY EXCUSE - Kansas City Straight Edge

Location: Kansas City, US
Release: ThirdxParty/ Lifeline, 2008- 2011 
Artwork: RAM

Abrasive fast hardcore with a fed up straight edge attitude by Midwest wolfpack's SORRY EXCUSE. Formed in late summer of 2008 in Kansas City, Missouri, they record 1 demo and 2 EPs and disbanded by mid 2013.
Griding vocals were provided by Antonio Marquez, his faster-than-human-comprehension shouts concerned topics such as substance abuse, backstabbin and other fucked up life situations. Others in the band were comprised of ex and current members from We're Fucked, Resolve and Kicked In. Sometime in 2011, Antonio started SPINE with dudes from Weekend Nachos/Harms Way.

2008 - Demo XXX Tape (Listen Up! Records)
2009 - Listen with Prejudice 7" (Third Party Records)
2011 - S/T 7" (Lifeline Records)

PURCHASE Listen with Prejudice 7"
PURCHASE Self Titled EP 7"
DOWNLOAD Discography

'08 - '13

Monday, November 10, 2014


Location: Tours, France
Release: Dirty Guys Rock/ Derrick Hunter/ Flipped Up/ Subwix/ Dingleberry Records, 2014
Artwork: Freak City

Named after an Exodus song, french VERBAL RAZORS return in a long overdue debut full-length. Another crushing 2014 crossover release. Turbocharged riffs, deranged vocals and powerful breakdowns. This is one of those cases where I don't recommend listening behind the wheels, for me it feels like Carmageddon, it charges you up like caffeinated amphetamine!

Several labels joined forces to release it, the whole LP package came out pretty awesome. Pressing of 600 yellow vinyl. The bad thing here (considering the amount of people involved) is that this LP can be hard to find to buy online. I suggest contacting the labels/band directly or try these french webstores:


a.c.a.b. = all cops are beautiful

Thursday, November 6, 2014

LEGIONS - Apparition Songs

Location: Sydney, AUS
Release: Broken Hive Records, 2014

Out since August, LEGIONS return with their anticipated debut 4-song EP on the aussie label Broken Hive.

It took a while to come out, it seems they had some line up changes and it reflects on their music. Still a cut above metallic hardcore, it's less thrashy than Gravestone Path demo but they kept things heavy and entertaining. Lyrically it remained tormented and dark which gives you an interesting perspective in matters of religion/faith.

Fingers crossed for more songs for the heretic breed in 2015 ;)

150x Green-Orange Swirl / 150x Half Black-Half Blue


Monday, November 3, 2014

PANTAH - Not For me

Location: Leeuwarden, Nederland

I've just bit my tongue on this one, said earlier this year that dutch label THE LIMIT were dormant for 2 years (and maybe out of business).. they just signed with PANTAH to release their 6-song debut EP in 7"format, tape version is up for sale since July through UK-based label Cause & Effect.

Back to PANTAH, the new EP RIPS!! Assembled in 2012, they did a cool Demo in 2013 and present now in Not For Me one of the best surprises coming out of Holland in 2014. Straight up old school hardcore with groovey NYHC parts, the vocals resembles me of Tony Foresta's style (No Friends, Iron Reagan,..) and counts with guest vocals in 2 songs (maybe someone else from the band?) which all works very good.

Their side project Bad Attitude is playing in NEW MORALITY's last show later this month!

DOWNLOAD EP [320kbps]
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