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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SORRY EXCUSE - Kansas City Straight Edge

Location: Kansas City, US
Release: ThirdxParty/ Lifeline, 2008- 2011 
Artwork: RAM

Abrasive fast hardcore with a fed up straight edge attitude by Midwest wolfpack's SORRY EXCUSE. Formed in late summer of 2008 in Kansas City, Missouri, they record 1 demo and 2 EPs and disbanded by mid 2013.
Griding vocals were provided by Antonio Marquez, his faster-than-human-comprehension shouts concerned topics such as substance abuse, backstabbin and other fucked up life situations. Others in the band were comprised of ex and current members from We're Fucked, Resolve and Kicked In. Sometime in 2011, Antonio started SPINE with dudes from Weekend Nachos/Harms Way.

2008 - Demo XXX Tape (Listen Up! Records)
2009 - Listen with Prejudice 7" (Third Party Records)
2011 - S/T 7" (Lifeline Records)

PURCHASE Listen with Prejudice 7"
PURCHASE Self Titled EP 7"
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'08 - '13

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