all things old school: PANTAH - Not For me

Monday, November 3, 2014

PANTAH - Not For me

Location: Leeuwarden, Nederland

I've just bit my tongue on this one, said earlier this year that dutch label THE LIMIT were dormant for 2 years (and maybe out of business).. they just signed with PANTAH to release their 6-song debut EP in 7"format, tape version is up for sale since July through UK-based label Cause & Effect.

Back to PANTAH, the new EP RIPS!! Assembled in 2012, they did a cool Demo in 2013 and present now in Not For Me one of the best surprises coming out of Holland in 2014. Straight up old school hardcore with groovey NYHC parts, the vocals resembles me of Tony Foresta's style (No Friends, Iron Reagan,..) and counts with guest vocals in 2 songs (maybe someone else from the band?) which all works very good.

Their side project Bad Attitude is playing in NEW MORALITY's last show later this month!

DOWNLOAD EP [320kbps]

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