all things old school: LEGIONS - Apparition Songs

Thursday, November 6, 2014

LEGIONS - Apparition Songs

Location: Sydney, AUS
Release: Broken Hive Records, 2014

Out since August, LEGIONS return with their anticipated debut 4-song EP on the aussie label Broken Hive.

It took a while to come out, it seems they had some line up changes and it reflects on their music. Still a cut above metallic hardcore, it's less thrashy than Gravestone Path demo but they kept things heavy and entertaining. Lyrically it remained tormented and dark which gives you an interesting perspective in matters of religion/faith.

Fingers crossed for more songs for the heretic breed in 2015 ;)

150x Green-Orange Swirl / 150x Half Black-Half Blue



  1. Hello friend! Here is a link to download Apparition Songs in AAC format and also includes the album art in high res.


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