all things old school: November 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

BANG BROS - The Bang Bros Do America

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Release: Lost Time Records, 2011 (sold out!)

This is a special US tape version that contains their 2010 Demo, their side w/ Wardogs split and one brand new track, 5 on total, sold out on pre-order!!!

Dublin old school on full effect. Don't waste any more time, start slammin' to the original bang bros sound.

SHOUT OUTS TO MR. BENKO, take care brother!!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Location: Atlanta / Louisville, USA
Release: Iron Mind Crew, 2011
Artwork: Chris Morgado

O OUT CROWD é uma das novas promessas do hardcore estado-unidense. Após a Demo (Ghetto Josh Recs.), que particularmente achei normal, a banda vem sendo assediada por vários selos, entre elas a Reaper Records.

Neste novo split lançado primeiro em cassete pela Like Glue Records e agora em vinil pela Iron Mind Crew demonstram o motivo desse assédio todo, o bagulho é loco!! Old school maloca e dançante. De lambuja, do outro lado do vinil, tem WRITTEN-OFF que mantém a peteca nas alturas, definitivamente uma bela surpresa. Youth Crew vs. Skinhead punks.

Como as demos de ambas as bandas já se esgotaram e esse split também está em vias de se esgotar, os selos envolvidos disponibilizaram as paradas para sem baixadas gratuitamente.

DOWNLOAD  [320kbps]

Six Feet Under Records got the rights of this split 7" and re-released it in 2013 with new artwork done by Linas Garsys and its available again for purchase HERE.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

GORILLA BISCUITS Sudamerica Tour 2011

For the 1st time GB in South America, be there!

*SOON* videos will be posted here *SOON*

Due to CIV's injury in Argentina (broke his foot), Walter sang on all brazillian gigs.. and he delivered!

footage by LBViDZ MEDIA

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

X-MEN - We Won't Take Part

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Release: Commitment Records, 1998

This was the Dutch answer to Project X. Once mysterious, their identity was only revealed later on 1999, comprised of 2 dudes from Crivits, 3 from GuidingLine and 2 from OIL! A bizarre formation with 3 guitar players and 2 bass players.

Needless to say this EP is all about sxe pride. Robert from Commitment found 40 copies of this a while ago and made a special cover drawn by the almighty Javi to celebrate this years Edge Day Festival in The Netherlands.

There are few copies left on their webstore, dont sleep on it!!!!!!!!!!!

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