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Friday, November 12, 2010

DEAL WITH IT - Eyjafjallajökull

Location: Leeds, U.K.
Release: Reflections Records, 2010

The record I was waiting for and it was worth the wait. "Another cro-magy rip off?" you may say, dont jump on conclusion so fast!
After 4 releases: 1 demo, 1 EP, 1 full-lenght and 1 split 7" they are back with their best, their finest. In my teenage years I used to listen to heavy metal, then in colleage I became a hardcore kid, ten years passed I started to listen everything all over again, so when a band like Deal With It merge both genres, keeping their best elements, the smile is set up on my face (sorriso estampado no rosto).

Eyjafjallajökull is that vulcano that erupted this year in Iceland causing some nice disturbance in Europe's air traffic and now it will blow your hats off while attaining to perform some whirlwind mosh moves on your parents living room. BUST!

"island-mountain glacier"

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