all things old school: VIDEO-O-RAMA

Thursday, September 30, 2010


ITS A GOOD NIGHT FOR A VIDEO NIGHT. First we have the always funny yet righteous In Defence brand new video clip!!

Right now I ask you to adjust your speakers and level it up to the MAX, coz All For Nothing is here to mosh your lousy ass off with a live performance!

Portuguese Bones Brigade - Mr.Miyagi did it again! Its Party Time!

Now come and thrash with Bonded By Blood in a cheesy metal video clip featuring a track from their brand new album "Exiled to Earth".

Last but not least I present ya the dangerous dance of all time, DO THE DOUGIE (street version)


  1. Dutch Bands always Try To Make Hardcore.... But They Don't Have It!... American Hardcore Bands are the Real Thang!... I Saw PROTESTER Together with Line Of Sight and a Dutch Band In A'Dam Holland and it was the same old song To Me.... LINE OF SIGHT Is THE Hardcore.... Only Us Bands can Produce this Particulair HC Sound.... Us Bands know how It Must Sound on Stage .... The Right Mix Between Bass and Guitar In The Drums.... Just Nice and AGGRO... Same with This Band.... It's just Not It! ... Greetz Blog Friend!

    1. I get your felling friend but my love for hardcore punk has no boundaries. I toured Europe and it was one of the best things things I did in my life, watching bands from all over.. and if the music is not that tight the message is real


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