all things old school: HORROR SHOW - Notes From The Night That Never Ended

Thursday, September 16, 2010

HORROR SHOW - Notes From The Night That Never Ended

Location: Philadelphia, USA
Release: Deathwish Inc., 2000-2005

Horror Show was a great band, blending melodic elements like In My Eyes did, but lyrically more towards American Nightmare style, with depressive, desperate, broken heart themes, besides that, musically they were very energetic. Other contemporary bands, that were doing similar music, would be Breaker Breaker, Damage Done and Miracle Mile.

This release compiles everything they recorded, before the singer got arrested and 2 members died. Deathwish re-release it in 12" format, which I end up buying, because both their releases (Our Design and Holiday) were long sold out.

Horror Show (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

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