all things old school: REMAIN - Out Of Anger

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

REMAIN - Out Of Anger

Location: The Netherlands
Release: Not Just Words, 2008 (out of print)

In dutch's REMAIN last record, that 80's NYHC influence is more present and features a superior production, think of Breakdown and Judge.

Not Just Words did a great job in the whole concept of this album, turned out superb! Gatefold sleeve, nice imprint not to mention the artwork. LP was limited to 525 copies.

01. Never Cared
02. No Regrets
03. Kept Alive
04. My Friends
05. In Search Of
06. Never To Return
07. Always Believe
08. What's Up With You
09. Stick To It (Life's Blood)
10. What It Takes
11. Lesson Learned
12. Our Own Downfall
13. What We Had
14. Time To Learn

DOWNLOAD (new link!)


  1. This link looks like it was taken down as well, damn mediafire!

  2. I will try to hunt down a new one, because I bought the LP and deleted the files :(


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