all things old school: RADICAL ATTACK - Priority

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Location: Quebec, Canadá
Release: Ghost Town + Vinyl Addict Records, 2006
Artwork: Last Chance Illustration (Mike Bukowski)

Think in something fast-angry-pissed-off-sxe-hardcore like theres no tomorrow! This is how it goes with RADICAL X ATTACK. Highly influenced by almight INFEST.

They recorded quite a few 7"s and splits here and there, Priority is their only full-length and last album. If you want to demolish a building this is your soundtrack! 

Tracklist (lenght 20 min.):
1. Necessary Evil
2. Parasites
3. Walking Tall
4. Check Your Aim
5. Method to My Madness
6. Priority
7. Dead Reality
8. Light 'Em Up
9. You Changed the Code
10. T.H.E.G.
11. End of my Rope
12. Four More Years
13. Broken Soul
14. Paid to be Poor
15. Wrong Wheels
16. Speak My Mind
17. Dumpster Diver
18. Worm
19. Muckmen
20. Snake Eyes
21. Wide Awake Nightmare
22. Seed of Doom
23. Annihilator

FFO: Shark Attack, Negative Approach, Cut The Shit

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