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Thursday, May 23, 2013

ED - Future Primitive

Location: Bologna, Italia
Release: FOAD Records, 2012
Artwork: Spoiler

Its been 4 years since ED's last record. Guess what? Last year (aka 2012) they dropped a new LP paying homage to the Powell Peralta's movie Future Primitive, aw yeah! 

8 tracks fueled with fast rock'n'roll AND skateboarding themed lyrics, how that sounds for you? I was not aware of this new album, but now they have a facebook page giving away links to download all ED's records for free, including this one!!

F.O.A.D. Records did the CD version that also contains all their previous releases (only availabe on vinyl until now) limited to 1.000 copies. The LP version with Spoiler artwork is being handled by the dudes themselves and its limited to 100 copies. 

Future Primitive (2012):
Senza Ragione ep (2009):
Nailed to the board (2007):
split Sumo/ED 7'' (2005):

That Nailed to the Board LP was on my top shelf all year long back then, killer record and artwork. And now for some extra good entertaiment, a videoclip!

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  1. Gostei muito do seu blog... Estou enviando link para você postar algo da minha banda aqui... Se você puder fazer isso agradecemos muito!!!

    Link da Demo:

    Página do Face:


    Abraço e parabéns pelo Blog!!!


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