all things old school: THE GATE CRASHERS - Are A Bunch of Motherfuckers

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE GATE CRASHERS - Are A Bunch of Motherfuckers

Location: Lehigh Valley, US 
Release: Parts Unknown, 2004 (out of print)

For those who dug the Police Beat post, more fastcore on the way. This was a side project from Pissed Jeans dudes, started in 2000 proving its still possible to make something interesting out of something simple. No frills, straight up hardcore punk.

I got to know them through Youngblood's compilation "Memories of Tomorrow" with a killer contribution.
"...Are a bunch of motherfuckers" is their last release with 13 tracks executed under 12 minutes (!) They also put out 2 splits and 2 EP's that I might end up uploading here someday.

This was in my huntlist through out this first decade, Parts Unkown made only a small batch of it, as everything else they released. Enjoy!

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