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Monday, September 29, 2014

FIELDS OF FIRE - Keep It Alive

Location: Oxnard, US
Release: Phyte Records, 2001 (out of print)

I meant to upload this a long time ago, previous recordings from skate punks FIELDS OF FIRE. Fully charged nardcore hardcore, together as a band around 1999-2002. 

4 years ago I uploaded 2002's Kill The Flock EP. In Keep It Alive they present 8 new tracks straight up nardcore style. It also features the 7 tracks from their first 7" The Kids Can't Be Bought EP (New Leaf Records, 2000), that shows their 80's youth crew influences.

Later they formed Annihilation Time/Lecherous Gaze.


All we've ever needed is in our hands or under our feet
It came in the shape of plank of wood with four wheels
A simpler time when we ran from cops, got picked on by jocks, and made new friends
There's no reason under the sun why all this fun should ever fucking end

Pushed further than our legs could take us
Smashed through walls that coundn't break us
Flew higher than we could hope to try
Acted like we would never fucking die

Skate fuckin' punks



  1. Hey, thanks a lot for this, FOF is one of my favorite bands!
    Also, love some other stuff from the blog.
    Check out my new blog, thanks!


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