all things old school: DEMONWOMB - CURSED EP

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Location: Vienna, Austria
Release: PowerTrip Records, 2012

Just realised  how awesome this record is and how it's rarely talked about. I was listening to it in the streets the other day and caught myself doing some non-sense air guitar.

Cursed is filled with monstrous fast skilled riffage, taking cues from masters like Slayer and Pantera! Definitely anyone can sense some Slayer's golden era feel throughout the EP.

In these past few years the metallic hardcore genre has evolved so much across the globe, something apart from that boring 90's and early 00's metalcore, now incoporating thrash and crossover elements. Demonwomb is most certainly in the front of this new wave of bands.

PURCHASE [2nd press]
(official download + 1 bonus re-recorded song from Demo)

ps.: you may check an old post about another metallic band hosted by PowerTrip Records named WORLD GONE MAD! Great label.

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