all things old school: SKULL CRUSHER - Blinded By Illusion

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SKULL CRUSHER - Blinded By Illusion

Location: NY, NY
Release: Livewire / Reflections, 2010
Artwork: Linas Garsys

The moribund label Livewire was showing signs that they were getting back on their feet but collapsed not longer after this release, in fact the 2-song EP by Hands Tied was their last output, such a pitty.

Behind SKULL CRUSHER there were two masterminds: Ed McKirdy (Livewire, Hands Tied, etc..) on vocals and Gordo (Double Crossed Zine and Hands Tied in Through The Wreckage EP) on drums jamming some heavy quality shit! They started off with the Blind By Illusion EP, 4 tracks blending elements from Judge, Cro-Mags and The Icemen, a 100% NY breed. Handling the 6 strings and 4 strings were Dan Cav (Resurrection) and Hugo Fitzgerald (On the Rise), respectively.

In 2011 they were demoing for a new 7" that never got accomplished, fortunately 1 new song rose for the Rev Summer Sampler, the Ice Age! I seriously think they should get back together, dont they?


My Skull Crusher collection, t-shirts were sold directly at Livewire Records webstore.

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