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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SAY GOODBYE - Boston Area Straight Edge

Location: Southeastern Massachusetts
Release: Western Front, 2002-2005

Back to basics. SAY GOODBYE was the base for a bunch of other cool bands after its inception in 2002. If they were on a more consistent label maybe it would have helped get the word out, for they are a bit underrated. Their music was fast and without frills inspired by local legends in SSD, DYS (members lived near Providence and Boston) and Infest.

In 4 years they recorded 4 albums. The demo tape and first EP presents a more raw production, then comes the awesome full-lenght in 2004 followed by the final EP in 2005, all with songs clocking around the 1 minute mark spreading despise on humankind.

2002 - Demo
2002 - Anti-Social EP (Western Front Records)
2004 - S/T LP (Western Front Records)
2005 - Misanthropy EP (Western Front Records)

Say Goodbye's family tree:
Craig Arms (bass): did vocals in Waste Management and also played bass in Rampage and Mind Eraser. James Whittle (guitar): played guitar in Police Beat, Lovely Lads and drums on Waste Management's first EP. Eli Pizzuto (drums): played in R'n'R at some point and lately in the stoner-outfit Naam. Couldn't find any other related bands to Chris Browndog (vocals) tho. 

DOWNLOAD Discography
(includes scanned lyrics and art covers)

scan credits: demo tape and anti-social by It Follows, misanthropy by suds denim, lp by me. special thanks to Eric Yu for the proper misanthropy EP audio files.


  1. Hell yeah, love Say Goodbye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Still have their CD I got for like 1 dollar at a show :)
    By the way, I have new username on Soulseek, new computer. OSMX4

  2. I will add asap!! I got my CD for cheap as well.


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