all things old school: HARDCORE NEWS 2 "The Expansion Pack"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HARDCORE NEWS 2 "The Expansion Pack"

Back by demand, another batch of rock'n'roll releases worldwide, switching the axis a bit from the usual US hardcore scene.

This time the trip begin in UK. Wardogs presents 'Outcast Behaviour' out by Carry The Weight, possibly one of the best things from 2011 so far, being a Warzone fan such as myself, couldn't be different! This artwork is from the limited edition (taken from a funny scene in the 'Happy Gilmore' motion picture), photo of the 7" took by Arty. BUST:

Still in UK, two crossover releases: Lifeless's 'Judgment Day' and SSS "Problems To Answers". Lifeless from Middlesbrough brings us their lastest in the old fashion DIY method with 10 songs of furious thrash, heres a sample:

Speaking of furiosity, Shorp Sharp Shock from Liverpool, in their third full-lenght, delivers another mayhem soundtrack.

Their first self titled full-lenght (out on Dead & Gone and Earache) remains one of my fav of all time.

Here's one track sample for the unitiated.

Polish label Refuse Records has a slew amount of releases lately, one of them got my attention (besides Double Vision and Poison Planet) it's Nothing's new 12" 'Double Dose Of Negativity' from Germany. Members played on Highscore and Durango 95, now they are all about 80's NYHC.

In Brazil, a few releases passed under my radar. From the South, Fatal Blow put together 11 songs also heavily influenced by traditional NY hardcore. A joint release by OneVoice/No Mercy Records/Detesto Recs

The youth crew genre is kept alive by Positive Youth. They are touring Europe next month with their new EP to be released by 78 Eight Life Recordings.

From the shores of São Paulo, Like A Texas Murder stirs things up with their crossover caiçara. A new album has just hitted the streets (or cyberspace), check it out:

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