all things old school: GUILTY - Demo 7"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GUILTY - Demo 7"

Location: Sverige
Release: Green Menace, 2010

Who likes Cro-Mags or Warzone? I do and so the swedish in Guilty. I'm not sure this can be called a demo, it sounds amazing! Not far from other european acts like Deal With It, World Gone Mad, The Ice and Liferide.

7 songs that busted my house down. Hope they go through and write a full-length. They share members with Big Deal and Lions Den.



The label behind it, the young Green Menace, has been putting out only gems so far, bands coming from Finland, Austria, Sweden and UK. One of them, Values, I already put on my blog earlier, here.

Some of their current available releases are up on bandcamp, check it out:

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