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Thursday, October 9, 2014

BREAKOUT - True Crime

Location: Austin, US
Release: Grave Mistake Records, 2014

As in every other scene, hardcore moves on following trends, as hard its for some to admit and hate labeling, I think it does! From late 90's to mid 00's it was about melodic youth crew (In My Eyes, Champion, Have Heart) then dark metallic hardcore took place (Iron Age, Violation, Twitching Tongues). Now since Primitive and City Streets landed (reminiscents of 86 mentality), the eye of the storm has become raw 80's skinhead-ish hardcore, UKHC stompers meets Bostons ugliest sons.

Dont get me wrong, these styles has always been present and no one is reinventing the wheel here since all these aforementioned "trends" has its roots from a-long-time-ago-masters: Gorilla Biscuits/Turning Point, Carnivore/Onslaught, SSD/Abused, etc. Besides that, there will always be the HYPE EFFECT, its up to us to see whats worth our time and effort.

Fitting in this current trend, BREAKOUT grants us with their second EP out by Grave Mistake that will surely help shed some light on these texan dudes. Part of their influences has even deeper roots, late 70's Oi! punk music.

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