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Sunday, April 29, 2012

HARDCORE NEWS 5 "Violent Times"

The world is coming to an end (once again), Nostradamus' prophecies are being fulfilled, violence and ignorance stills crawls alongside modern civilization. Most just wont want to see it, but as end-consumers we embrace and support violence and ignorance on what we choose to eat, wear and watch. All justified by our human selfish ways.
This is a post about violent music for violent times. Bang that head that doesn't bang!

After the interview with Louis from Feral Youth I've checked the bands he listed and this is what we came up with, hardcore from the old continent. 

Manchester's BROKEN TEETH brand new 3-track-EP out now on Purgatory Records, its undeniably better than their previous EP "The Seeker", feel it:   

Also on Purgatory Records, fresh demo full of darkness from BURNT EARTH! FFO: Iron Age and  Deal With It, impressive!

Scotland's sensation WAR CHARGE, one of my favourites right now! Debut EP split release by Spook Records / Demons Run Amok. FFO: Bitter End and Mainstrike. 

In case you slept, Undergang put out a debut full-lenght on Monument / Green Meance Records, faster and thrashy as ever. Take a listen at.. the Mother of Armageddon:

After a well received first EP, they are back, german RISK IT! Proving they are here to stay. Full-length out very soon on Farewell Records.

Hailing from Wrexham UK comes SPIRES with a new single that is a blast!! A record is in the process, hope to hear more jams in this very same vibe, good lord:

To close out this Hardcore News, chill out with a nice videoclip done by portuguese outfit SHAPE:

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