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Saturday, October 10, 2015

S.O.S. - S/T EP + Demo

Location: Boston, US
Release: Lockin' Out/Perfect Victim, 2003-2004

Lotsa bands named after SOS and at least 2 in hardcore alone. The one in question is from Boston, led by guitarist and producer Eric Lomon and existed for no longer than a year. They recorded 2 albums, each with its own style and shared members with Cruch Time.

The 2003 Demo must be the weirdest release on the LOC host, strange looking artwork and pretty hard to come by. Musically is total youth crew of that trendy early 2000's Boston style.

  The 2004 EP shows the band taking a different path with vocals resembling to R'N'R and musically to The Suicide File, nothing groundbreaking here but very interesting neverthless. My favorite track is the last one, an instrumental trippy song, always listen to it more than once when I put it for a spin.

The main picture above was taken by deathwish inc for an auction for their EP, hence the fancy background, very alluring! It features an even stranger artwork, even so they were referred as the SOS of unicorns. I got my copy on CD format, god knows when.

To complete SOS' discography, there is an exclusive track on the notorious Sweet Vision compilaton by Lockin' Out and thats a wrap. For the other SOS hardcore band (Scott Vogel, Nick Jett, Matt Henderson) I asked Nick if they were going to record more under that name and he said there's no chance of that happening but Scott has another thing coming with Sammy Siegel, Walter Schreifels and Andrew Kline: WORLD BE FREE

PURCHASE EP [last few!]
DOWNLOAD [+ scanned inlay & lyrics]

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