all things old school: BUSTED OUTLOOK - Grand Slam Sessions

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BUSTED OUTLOOK - Grand Slam Sessions

Location: Bay Area
Release: Layin' Waste, 2015

This band is fuckin' rad!! From aesthetics to the urgent music, BUSTED OUTLOOK has all the elements that hardcore punk were initially established upon, not just all that mindless rage and reppin' your local crew we are becoming used to.

They play a mix of youth crew and fastcore with riffs galore and thought provoking lyrics, featuring members from dozens of cali groups, such as: Permanent Ruin, In Digust, Condition, Ritual Control, Scalped, and the list goes on.

B.O. has plans for an US tour (with some dates already confirmed) and also Europe for 2016, for that matter they demoed some songs on this promo tape "grand slam sessions" that will appear on the upcoming full-length by REFUSE RECORDS, scheduled for July. I believe this is their second promo tape, first one was for their debut EP on Warthog and sold on a festival last year, the demo "plagued in horder" was recently issued in vinyl by Speedowax!

 2015 Promo Tape [Layin' Waste Records]
Spitting Wind EP [Warthog Speak Records]
Plagued Hoarder 7" [Speedowax]

[includes '15 promo tape, demo and zine w/ lyrics commented by Rich] 

if your lyrics lack substance / while you are talking about being hardcore / me and my friends will show you the door
- scholastic deth


  1. Does anyone have digital of the 7" promo CS? I'd love to hear the YOT cover

    1. for now, just on youtube ( but I already asked them the YOT cover audio file for a covers only compilation Im doing ; )


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