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Thursday, October 8, 2015

HEF - Wont' Rain Forever

Location: La Plata, Argentina
Release: DIY, 2015

I've just read an article on Noisey about a youth crew group from Peru! It blew my mind just to think people overseas are starting to grow interest in our region's hardcore punk productions.

The main issue for me here is that we live a big dilemma: to be a punk kid in the third world means, in most cases, you come from a (very) low income family, therefore you won't have access to decent instruments and minimum standard recording/practicing facilities. On the other hand IF you can afford a few upgrades, most local punks will turn their backs on you! So we are caught in a vicious circle, lots of bands playing 'outdated' punk rock and a few others trying a different path striving just to get local support, it often splits the scene and weakness us all. The attitude is there, alive and should not be related to someones aqquisition power but the output is often undesirable (aka boring).

Maybe, as a result, it's been quite a while I don't hear such an exciting band hailing from Argentina, since JUSTIFY I guess. A quick search showed that a new wave of bands are emerging and on the epicenter of that tsunami is HEF! Their debut album Won't Rain Forever doesn't have a dull moment, 9 tracks of positive and fast old school hardcore. You can tell they spent some effort on production, potent guitar tones, vigorous rhythm section and well balanced vocals between shouting and melodic parts. At the end, can't help to compare them with the formidable We Ride but HEF is more down my lane. Check'em!!

ps.: once I found out when and which label will be doing physical copies, I will update here. Digital version was just released 6 days ago.

porque sempre que llovió, paró

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