all things old school: KID ARMOR - The Outcome Replays

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

KID ARMOR - The Outcome Replays

Location: Orange County, US
Release: DIY, 2014

One year after the well received Better Days EP, KID ARMOR presented in 2014 their second album The Outcome Replays. This time around the punk O.C. influences speaks even louder, more crafted/thought-through and harder then previous compositions, it also features a kickass Adolescents cover.

The first EP was love at first sight, high energy youth crew cali style. The latest EP is one of those records that grows on you and asks for second or third replay as they got really creative with breakdowns and skankin' parts. However, almost a year after its release I can't figure out why there's still no label backing this up!

FFO: Rotting Out, late Down To Nothing, 90's Epitaph Records. 

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]


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