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Friday, October 30, 2015

MEDEA - Doomed From Birth

Location: Stockholm, Sverige
Release: Injustice Records, 2015
Artwork: Staffan Tengnér

MEDEA is the swedish answer to nowadays Power Trip and Foreseen or even Violator, yeah it's that good. I'm guessing we will be hearing a lot more of them in 2016 as a full-length is being written!

Doomed From Birth is their debut EP on the german Injustice Records that sold about hundreds of copies worldwide in just a few weeks. This EP is already impressived, skilled rippin' fast thrash metal with heavy doses of crossover but... what they presented on the new Promo Tape I take my hat off, in fact the hat exploded, the first time I heard it I threw my chair out of the windown and smashed the keyboard on the pc screen. Gadem! I'm talking about possessed riffs, neckbreaking hooks and breakdowns (3 or 4 on each song) it will leave you like you spent the last 7 and a half minutes inside a hurricane or a laundry-machine, it will fuck you up. CAUGHT IN A MOSH!


Caution! Before playing the Promo Tape, be advised we are not responsible of any injury it may cause to you or others nearby. Play at your own risk!

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