all things old school: WORLD BE FREE - DEMO 2 Song Cassette

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

WORLD BE FREE - DEMO 2 Song Cassette

Location: USA
Release: Revelation Records, 2015

WORLD BE FREE, newest supergroup around that features Scott Vogel (Terror) on vocals, Andrew Kline (Strife) on guitar, Joe Garlipp (Despair) on guitar, Arthur Similos (Civ) on bass and Sammy Siegler (Judge, Youth Of Today) on drums.

They got their name from a NBA player called World B. Free, the Prince of Midair and they play some melodic yet vibrant hardcore. First batch of this demo cassette evaporated from RevHq webstore in a few hours but these tracks will appear on their forthcoming full-length "The Anti-Circle" scheduled to drop in February. (2nd and final run of tapes are still available in their official store)


happy new year!

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