all things old school: WAR NERVE - Demo '15

Friday, January 29, 2016

WAR NERVE - Demo '15

Location: Stockholm, Sverige
Release: DIY, 2015
Artwork: Jacob Bondesson

Bands like Firewalker, Tomar Control and I.C.E. are on the spotlight of the old school right now. Inside hardcore punk all genders matters the same (or should be), since day one the general goal is to break all walls towards equality but still today seeing a woman as a frontman, raging on stage full of attitude drawns more attention than usual. They are not the first and most certainly won't be the last, hopefully it will become more and more common.

After doing some research on the swedish scene and talking with a local active member I found about WAR NERVE and some other projects that are about to surface there. They play crushin' heavy metallic hardcore and with the help of Gabi's powerful vocals they deliver 4 hard tracks in the vein of Merauder, Nailbomb and Bolt Thrower to name a few. Also the lyrics are something to be noticed, especially the one sang in spanish (!) but my favorite is Deadlift.

Droid Rage made an interview with them almost an year ago when the demo came out, therefore we can expect new music to drop anytime in the coming months. 

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