all things old school: SNARL ​/ ​SPITBACK ​/ ​POWER WRENCH - Split

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Location: Michigan, US
Release: DIY, 2015

Sometimes old news is good news, it's been a full year since this 3-way split came out. My bro Gonz put these jams up on our last camping trip and it was a hit, people from other tends came along and stage-dived from the trees, fast times at the Ubatuba shore!

This split has 3 Michigan hardcore bands showcasing their best material to date with 3 songs each. It starts with SNARL, side project from a dude who is in The Story So Far, playing frantic fast and fully charged hardcore with a sweet cover by CARRY ON. Then SPITBACK enters bringing the RIFFS, dopestyle. Can't listen enough of this, mad breakdowns!! The last one to show up is POWER WRENCH, another side project from a melodic band: Citizen. They put the FUNK back in funkcore (!), going even further in the early days of Red Hot and the groovemasters in Living Colour as a source of influence (if you still think bands like Fire & Ice and Turnstile only listens to Leeway and Crown Of Thornz, you're trippin).

Despite the fact that 2 of these bands are supposedly one-man-bands and they might not be taken as serious (lack of live appearances and such) as a regular group it doesn't affect the output as they sound carefree and yet heartfelt, maybe thats one of the benefits of having a side project, more weight off your shoulders. As a bonus I included Spitback's split with Power Wrench where the track "bonecrusher" alone is worthwhile the download! More funk, more skate punk.

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]


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