all things old school: SURVIVAL METHOD - 2 Song Promo (ex-Enchant)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SURVIVAL METHOD - 2 Song Promo (ex-Enchant)

Location: Dallas, US
Release: Plead Your Case, 2015

I was particularly interested in hearing their new material but it seems as soon as this promo came out the band disappeared, so there was little to no divulgation whatsoever. As I found out through the dudes in ToxicBreed, ENCHANT had to change their name to SURVIVAL METHOD, so they put down all their social media related to Enchant.

After checking their promising demo I was on the lookout for a following record which became pretty hard since the name-change but I managed to find this promo tape that came through the Plead Your Case Fanzine. They play some furious crossover influenced by Cro-Mags and Violation. Members also played in TRUTH, SOLD SHORT and BLACK SUMMIT. Debut EP "Reality Blurred" to come out soon on Life To Live Recs.

DOWNLOAD [promo + demo]

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