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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TOXIC SHOCK - Daily Demons

Location: Antwerp, België
Release: Reflections Records, 2013

Insanely cool thrashcore/crossover from belgian TOXIC SHOCK. There are a dozen of bands with the same name out there, but none with the right doses of Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus and Excel such as these guys brought into their music.

Toxic Schock's debut full-length "Daily Demons" was first released as a LP through Reflections Records, 500 copies were pressed (400 black, 100 clear green). Got my copy directly with Johan Prenger (Reflections owner) at 2013's Ieper Fest, I was also going to pick up their S/T EP 12" but I turned back my for a second and it was gone!

Few months later the label Sideburn Records released it as a double cassette, which also contains all their previous material: 2012's S/T EP and 2011's Demo, 18 tracks total!

For 2014 they announced a split record with Iron Reagan and tons of gigs, this will for sure help spread the shock brigade even further.


ATTENTION!! Do not listen to this music while driving a vehicle, may cause dementia.

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