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Friday, July 4, 2014

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES - Flowers Are Forever

Location: Arizona, US
Release: 6131 Records, 2014

Bad ass cassingle by these arizona dudes with an emo band name that sounds nothing like it, heavy mid-tempo "grungecore" damn well done.

These 2 songs are their best work to date, on a loop for days. As of january their started this new "flower are forever" campaing. Not your usual hardcore aesthetic, which is good for a change.

They are writing a full-length supposedly to come out this year, so this single came out as a teaser, cant wait! Most likely to be this year's top 5.

As I checked out, the tape came out in 4 different crazed colors (that goes along with 4 different artworks) through Defiance Youth, a total of 325 were made. The company responsible for these mesmerizing custom tapes is EYETOOTH COLLECTIVE, hat's off!!

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]
salute to my buddies: phil, gonz and pingua.

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