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Friday, July 11, 2014

NEW MORALITY - No Morality

Location: Arnhem, Nederland
5th record and second full-length by these dutch touring machine, their best material to date. 11 songs influenced by Breakdown and Crown of Thornz plus a smooth production makes this a pleasent album to hear from start to finish. 

No Morality is out for almost 2 years now and definitely deserves more listeners. Both colors of the LP are still available (200 red, 300 purple), got mine on pre-order with an exclusive shirt.

If you're into interviews, check this one with vocalist Jonne Balster here (SWNK) to learn about the band's background, future projects and some Parris/Harley worship! 

DOWNLOAD [new link - 320kbps]


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  2. Ha Ha Ha... Nederlanders En Youth Crew Hardcore ??.... Kan Nooit Goed Zijn !!.... Geen Ene Punk En Hc Band Uit Holland Is Goed.... A.F.N. & BACKFIRE... T Zijn Allemaal Copycats... En Nog Slecht Ook.... Of This Over De Top Crust Herrie wat Er Daar Gespeeld Wordt. Keep It Real HC Bro... Skip The Dutch Crap.... Give Us More Boston HC Like PEACEBREAKERS And OUT COLD!!! PLEASEeeee ! Ps HC Since 1981 ! Tnx For The Real Youth Crew Bands on Your Blog.... I Like BERTHOLD CITY ! New 4 Me!


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