all things old school: KEEP IT CLEAR - Promo 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

KEEP IT CLEAR - Promo 2016

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Release: React! Records, 2016

Move back to 2007/2008, a transition between the old and the new. Renowned DIY labels (and bands) which were once a reference to the Youth Crew revival movement worldwide (Rivalry, Not Just Words, etc..) were slowing their production pace and eventually calling it a day, giving place for new ones to carry the torch which leads us to LEGITIMATE BROS.

From my understanding the Legitimatebros were a Vancouver/Seattle crew (or Northwest Hardcore area) that shared members in a whole load of bands such as: BLUE MONDAY, Go It Alone, Circles, In Stride, ON, Get The Most, Gone But Not Forgotten.. and of course KEEP IT CLEAR. They had a website where you could download demos, check new projects and such, then they started to release records which may resulted in the creation of REACT! RECORDS sometime in 2008.

In the following year came out Keep It Clear's debut self titled EP on Not Just Words which was the label's second to last release. My mind was blown away by this 7" and sure helped keep the YC revival lit on that period together with True Colors, ON, Pressure and the yet ascending Mindset.

Now fast forward to 2014, after a long hiatus, a discography 12" comes out and ideas about getting back together to play live and record a new album were no longer rumours, in midyear they embarked on a full european tour w/ CIAC. With the add of Aram Arslanian (also currently playin in True ID) on the team it didn't take that much longer to go back to studio and record this babe, this dude is relentless, for the sake of hardcore I hope he and the legitimatebros continues to write music for decades.


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