all things old school: DIFFERENCE BETWEEN - Demo 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Location: Illinois, US
Release: Think Again Records, 2016

Hardcore punk is about renewal, it's more thank ok to use the same old formula as a way to express yourself. We grow up admiring those who came first, bands we've learned to respect and look after.. however, without newer bands coming up the cycle would have stopped in the 80's. No more shows, no one to talk about and share, just jaded old punkers.

This renewing force is very much alive in Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland where a promising new straight edge band comes up showing that the Youth Crew has still plenty of years ahead or as long as we live in this diseased society full of shallow needs and values.

Difference Between share members with other totally worth checking bands from the great Illinois state: Youth Crisis and Hard Feelings. Also don't forget to follow Think Again Records for upcoming cool releases!


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