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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Location: Portland, US
Release: Dog Years Records, 2016

Dog Years does it again, they released one of my fav releases last year, the Headrush EP. Now they signed a slick new group named CLIMATE that is comprised of members from Better Times, Focused Minds and Young Turks. Youth crew 2000's era revival. Cassettes of this debut record will be available soon here and a new EP to follow later this year! 

I don't think there are many vegan/vegetarian hardcore bands left out there anymore. For me the most efficient way of protest in this capitalist world is to NOT consume a product (or reduce drastically). People freak out when you do so: "what do you mean you don't eat meat? what you eat?", "we are on top of the food chain", "lions kill their prey to survive, why wouldn't I?", "vegetables also feel pain!", "leather comes from the same animal we use for beef cattle, it's a win/win situation". Aside from all hyprocrisy/controversy that this matter generates one thing is undeniable: animals live (if you call that a living) to meet our demands and we are billions, on the counterpart they pay the highest price: agonizing/systematic death.


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