all things old school: GET A GRIP & INTENT - Promo Tape 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

GET A GRIP & INTENT - Promo Tape 2015

Arizona's GET A GRIP (ex-Wrong Idea) return with a new selection of songs on limited tape by D2C Records. Their music is fast and abrasive punk in the vein of Germs, Minor Threat and Poison Idea. This is their third record, first one was released not so long ago by Life To Live (apparently sold out).
There a few hardcore punk bands with the same name, around 2005 there was a good one from Richmond, worth tracking down as well!

DC's ITENT just finished a 2 track tape for an upcoming tour w/ Freedom and Fury, but I don't think these will make it to their compilation 12" planned for later this year on Triple B Records.

DOWNLOAD [both promos]

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