all things old school: ETERNAL CHAMPION - Retaliator

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Location: Austin, US
Release: No Remorse, 2015

What to say about ETERNAL CHAMPION? 3 years 3 songs, has dudes from Iron Age/Far From Breaking and Power Trip in it and they play traditional metal, heavy metal.

2 points to be considered here, will the new (metal) listeners of EC go check their hardcore background and dig their previous stuff and/or will the hardcore kids totally reject this new project? Back in 2011 I remember listening for the first time the SFU's Striving Higher compilation and right on the middle of the A side (for my surprise) there was a metal song by Battle Ruins, all the sudden everything they put out were highly sought-after inside the hc community.

What will be the outcome? Dunno, what I know is that these songs are catchy as fuck! The Retaliator single came out as split 12" by a greek label and limited to 300 hand numbered copies. 60 Retaliator shirts were made and almost vanished, only weird sizes left on their bandcamp.

For fans of: Brocas Helm, Omen, Conan comics and D.D. The Wizard.


Also check this interview with Jason regarding EC and his other metal project Graven Rite.

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