all things old school: COLD & DISTANT - S/T EP [+ interview]

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

COLD & DISTANT - S/T EP [+ interview]

Location: Charleston, US
Release: D2C Records, 2014

COLD & DISTANT is a recent band hailing from West Virginia, they put out their first EP last year and has another one coming out soon. I sent these questions to know more of the whereabouts of C&D. 

Is the S/T EP really the band's first record? It sounds very solid, any of you played in a band before? It is our first recording as Cold & Distant. However, we have been in multiple bands over the past decade within the same hardcore/metal scene. This band started in the winter of 2013 and we've been writing nonstop since.

The EP came out on very limited quantities through D2C Records, right? Whats the history behind it and who runs it? Yea, Louis who owns/operates D2C actually contacted us offering to do tapes and we took him up on the offer. The limited amount is basically because we do everything ourselves and with the help of awesome people.

New full-length is almost done? What can expect from it? Well first off it isn't an actual full length record. This is going to be another five songs of pure aggression that we want you to bang your head to. It's definitely heavier and more metal/thrash influenced than the previous recording.

What are the highs and lows of Charleston (WV), either as in life in general as in the underground music scene? The main high point would be the people who you come to know and spend your time with. The lows would be the poverty and ramped drug use. You're born here, you get hooked on drugs, and you die here. That's why we turned to hardcore and the music scene to escape from that bullshit. 

Name at least 5 records you've been spinning on regular basis lately:
Foreseen - Helsinki Savagery 
Cro-mags - Alpha Omega
Bitter End - Illusion of Dominance
The Beautiful Ones - Jaded Love
Eternal Sleep - Belief In The Truth of Nothing.

Do you keep a collection of any sorts? Three out of four of us collect comics and records. We as a band collect as much musical equipment as possible. 

Thanks for answering and for participating in this blog's 2015 Sampler. Feel free to give shout outs! We want to give a shout out to all of our family and friends. We would also like to give respect to all the bands that came before us and created this outlet for us to share our lives.

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