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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

CRUCIFIED - Dead of Sleep

Location: California, US
Release: Get This Right, 2014

Coldest Winter: Darkest Reaches Of The Mind, a monstrosity of a record, figured in my 2010's top 5 and also for some others I'm sure. Bay Area's CRUCIFIED did 4 albums in its brief existence: 1 demo, 1 split, 1 LP and the posthumous EP Dead Of Sleep which was recently resurrected by Get This Right Records.

Their main influence is incontestably RINGWORM, devilish hardcore packed with metallic and thrash elements. All in all Crucified albums are great and well done but Coldest Winter is their pinnacle in my opinion, ripping production, shredding guitars and angry-possessed vocals. In Dead of Sleep they picked up exactly where they left but it didn't match up to Coldest's production (LPs sounds better than 7"s anyway).

I mentioned before the trends in hardcore (the cool ones) from the past few years. Crucified makes a good example as they stand in the "dark metallic era" that ruled around 2007-2012. They disbanded in 2011 and members kept playing in their side projects: Secret People and Skin Like Iron.

2008 - Demo (later re-released as a split w/ No Truce by Espapist Records)
2009 - Split w/ Steel Nation (Double or Nothing Records)
2010 - Coldest Winter: Darkest Reaches Of The Mind (Double or Nothing Records)
2011 - Dead Of Sleep (released in 2014 by Get This Right Records)

PURCHASE Dead Of Sleep 7"
PURCHASE Coldest Winter LP

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