all things old school: HIGHER LEARNING - Triumph of Innocence

Saturday, June 13, 2015

HIGHER LEARNING - Triumph of Innocence

Location: Southern California, US
Release: Outlast Records, 2014

Thought provoking lyrics with fast music, this simple yet effective formula still has plenty of room on my collection and is the main pillar of hardcore punk. The dudes in HIGHER LEARNING do it pretty well, heard their EP the other day, caught me off guard! Wasn't expecting to hear a mix of Lifes Halt and Committed, great blend of fastcore and youth crew. Extra multicultural point for singing a song in castellano!

I believe Triumph of Innocence is their third EP, released on tape by Oulast Recs last year, only 30 were made. New record to be announced soon.

Members also play in DRUG CONTROL and Big Takeover, two of my fav cali bands right now, how awesome is that?


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