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Friday, May 29, 2015

GUIDANCE - Path Of Grace

Location: London, UK
Release: Ugly & Proud / Monument, 2015

I must say, Im not into 90's metallic hardcore that much but Path Of Grace grew on me quite fast, it's full of passion and intensity like I haven't heard in long time! This posthumous full-length by London Straight Edge GUIDANCE was released digitally in 2014, now bulgarian and swedish labels are pressing 274 handnumbered copies on vinyl and are ready to be ordered.

Members of this extinguished project can be seen on Mankind, Violent Reaction, xRepentancex and Digress. This video shows one of their last and rare live perfomances.

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

They were featured on this blog's 2015 Sampler, more bands from there will come up here eventually.

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