all things old school: STRANGE PLACES - Strange(r) Places

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

STRANGE PLACES - Strange(r) Places

Location: Ipswich, UK
Release: Carry The Weight, 2014

BASEMENT's side project, totally different approach. In STRANGE PLACES they play heavy metallic hardcore with a stoner/doom vibe and they kill at it!

Strange(r) Places is their second EP in which they are more tight as a band and got bolder on music writing, drawing influences from Life Of Agony, Leeway and some other classic 80's thrash. First album (self titled EP) came out in 2013, also on CTW Records. Vocals are done by Max from Wayfarer, the other dudes play in Basement making it hard for them to conciliate among other duties and play live with Strange Places.


Thanks to: Big Phil, Pinguim Metälhead & Crabby Love.

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