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Friday, April 10, 2015

SPIRITS - Discontent

Location: Boston, US
Release: State Of Mind Recordings, 2015
Artwork: Hannah Medeiros

From the ashes of Test Of Time rose SPIRITS, which also features ex-members from Offsides and No Harm Done plus many others. This rich background shows off in Spirits music, ranging from straight forward hardcore tunes to high intensity melodic ones in the vein of Bane and Count Me Out.

Within 1 year as a band they already recorded a lot, skilled writing machines, and this week just released a fancy 13-song LP 'Discontent' with an european tour to follow! Also, a song from their previous album (Cointossrecords' 7" debut) was featured on this blog's 2015 sampler.

Support these hardworking labels and bandmates, legit stuff here:
BUY 7" Split w/ Get A Grip @ Speedowax
BUY S/T 7" @ Cointossrecords
PRE-ORDER Discontent LP @ S.O.M. Recordings
BUY Merchandise

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]
(w/ lyrics sheet)


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