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Friday, April 17, 2015

FORSAKEN - Cease To Exist

Location: South Wales, UK
Release: Neutral Words Records, 2015
Artwork: Steven Kulesza

FORSAKEN, if Im not mistaken, was recommended by Feral Youth's vocalist back in 2012. Since then, from two solid demos and a debut EP on Neutral Words they came up with a follow-up crossover masterpiece in Cease To Exist. 3 songs with ripping production and rad musicianship, their best so far! Leeway meets Slayer, re-energized.

They are playing non-stop, hardcore and metal shows, and from what I see online they've been setting the venues on fire with incendiary live perfomances!!

2012 - No Peace EP [Purgatory Records]
2013 - Demo [Neutral Words Records]
2013 - Amongst Gods, Below Man [Neutral Words Records]
2015 - Cease To Exist [Neutral Words Records]

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