all things old school: WRONG ANSWER - Circle of Blood + God's Will

Friday, August 8, 2014

WRONG ANSWER - Circle of Blood + God's Will

Location: Pennsylvania, US
Release: Six Feet Under Records, 2014

True representatives of the naughty youth crew are calling it quits, as a gift they leave us a 13-song LP. Circle of Blood is actually a compilation of their previous EPs: 2010's The Wrong Way, 2011's The World is Empty and 2012's Cross a Black Cat's Path.

The songs were remastered and offered in 3 different vinyl colors (+ a very limited TIHC cover variant and a pre-release DJ sleeve). As you go through the record it only gets better, up-tempo hardcore punk with a thrashy edge and killer breakdowns. Its also filled with creepy excerpts from Hellraiser to give you the extra chills.

For a limited time I will leave the link here, once its gone its done. Support them buying goodies and if you're lucky, say goodbye at their last show (October 11th).


They left out of this compilation their 2013's 2-song tape God's Will but i added here it anyway ;)


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