all things old school: HARDCORE NEWS 12 "To The Point"

Sunday, August 31, 2014

HARDCORE NEWS 12 "To The Point"

Back for another batch of fresh records, banging the stereo merciless. There are so many that I deciced to call back the "news" format.

Debut EP 7" just days away from release by POWERED RECORDS.
This is what Im talking about, hardcore tried and true no gimmicks. Belgium back on the map!

At first sight I was expecting something very different when I hit ukranian KINGPIN's bandcamp, mix of Leeway and Maximum Penalty? Awesome! Third EP "What Man Is A Man Who Does Not Make The World Better?" out last month, DIY but very well accomplished, hats off!

A punch in the guts, this is what it feels when you listen to FEEDING CHAIN's 1st EP "Parasites", pure aggressiveness out of UK. Features ex and current members from Cold Snap, Wayfarer and Ego Trip. Their Demo tape are all goners at Carry The Weight Records. 


Dust off your boots, here comes another UKHC breed MANKIND debut EP by terrific Quality Control, their Demo was handled by Neutral Words Records which sold fast. STOMP!


The UPPERGROUND sound!!!!! Debut 3 song EP tape is out now via Life, Liar, Regret Records. Wanna dance? Jam it! Sarah and the boys are into some serious shit, out of Sydney, AUS.


Still in Sydney, I postponed and end up forgetting to upload MOOD SWING's follow-up to their great Demo, its the split 7" with FROZEN OVER also on Life, Liar, Regret Record. Frozen Over brings that Think I Care angry vibe everybody loves and Mood Swing distills a LOC sound for your 2-steps routine!


From my hometown, SP-Brazil, arises a new super project INSTITUTION, share members with Wolfdog, Clearview and Still Strong. 90's metallic hardcore homage! Debut 4-song EP 7" entitled "Uncritical Receiver" on pre-order.

Hounds of Hate and Blood Red dudes gathered to produce a sound inspired by 1986's NY thrash punk fusion thing (Crumbsuckers, Ludichrist,..). ASHKENAZI demo tape available now at RevHQ.


BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON IS BACK!! Last album was from 2007? Damn. New EP is about 5 straight-edge-in-your-face songs, raw style.


ps.: all download links are in 320kbps
As usual, salute to my bros Big Phil, Pingua & Gonz for tips and knowlegde.

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