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Sunday, August 24, 2014

DEAL WITH IT - We Were... a complete discography

Location: Leeds, UK
Release: Atonement Records, 2014

To go along with 2 reunion shows that already happened last march, Atonement Records put DEAL WITH IT's discography up for free download to help promote two noble causes: London's Air Ambulance + Cool Earth (the fundraising has far surpassed its goal!).

For DEAL WITH IT it all began in 2006, 5 friends (ex-Fifty On Red) playing heavy straight edge music. 2 years later, now revamped and not so sober they developed an AWESOME crossover sound, full of dark and pessimist views upon mankind. They broke up in 2011 alongside Wardogs in a explosive farewell show, granted by frontman Michael "doghead" Carver maniac performance. Now he sings in Natural Order.

2006 - World Coming Down EP + Demo (Dead and Gone Records)
2008 - End Time Prophecies (Dead and Gone Records)
2009 - "Fear The Birdman" split w/ NEW MORALITY (Demons Run Amok/Flatspot)
2010 - Eyjafjallajökull (Reflections Records)
2011 - My Body is a Cage 7" Single (Powertrip Records)

The first EP had 4 or 5 alternative covers in the 7" version, the CD comes with the Demo songs as bonus.
End Time Prophecies features artwork by renowned artist Ed Repka, guest vocals by Ian Wiles (he used to run Dead & Gone Records and sang in The Last Chance) and a limited silkscreened cover as a farewell to the label.
Split 7" had 2 artworks (one for each label) and 3 limited covers, it contains 2 exclusive tracks by NEW MORALITY and 1 by them.

Then the highly antecipated Eyjafjallajökull (try to pronounce:ˈɛɪjaˌfjatlaˌjœkʏtl̥named after that damn vulcano that caused a commotion in Europe back in 2010. Killer record 5/5! Pressed in 2 different vinyl colors (100 iceland blue/400 black?) and thats it.
My Body Is a Cage single 7" came with the band's demise and is also the only record available, all the others are out of print. 

Note that they stook with the reptilian sorcerer/monk/harbinger character in most of their covers, bringing bad news to us mortals and clowns. I made the "We were..." artwork based in their last shirt design and the whole meme thing.


"we gave it a bit"
2006 - 2011

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