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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Location: België
Release: Powered Records, 2007-2011

The first decade of this century was very graceful in Belgium when it comes to old school hardcore. Miss the days when Powered and Complete Control were in full operation. I even visited Belgium in 2009, didnt see any show but talked with some cool people.

Two talented friends got together in 2007 and recorded a 2 songs demo with no big expectations, result is everyone was hooked and they had no choice but to go forth with their project. A mix of Iron Age and Leeway!

So far, RHYTHM TO THE MADNESS recorded the following:

DEMO (Powered Records, 2007)
01 till your well runs dry
02 through the mind's eye

SOUL DOUBT (Powered Records, 2007)
01 Intro Tranquility
02 Soul Doubt
03 Deliverance From Suffering
04 Fire, Fire [MOTÖRHEAD]

WELTSCHMERZ (Powered Records, 2008)
01 law of closure (open graves)
02 time grown old
03 into tranquillity
04 man of unclean lips
05 how our pain endures
06 sleepless evil
07 handle the heights
08 where hope is coldest

VA - STRIVING HIGHER (Six Feet Under Records, 2011)
Challenging The Heavens (Part 1 And 2)

A new EP was scheduled for 2009, but it never happened. Later they appeared in a US-based label compilation with an epic almost 8 minutes song! After a long break they came back in 2012 to play a gig, maybe something new come out, who knows?

For an interesting interview check Mind Over Matter's blog.

(christianlowie collection)

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