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Thursday, April 25, 2013

IN CONTROL - The Nard Curse EP's

Location: Oxnard, California
Release: Six Weeks / Rivalry Records, 1999-2004 (out of print)

Second attempt (third time's a charm) to upload these, but this time with more EPs, by one of my fav bands from the early 00's!! From the very first Demo to the last E.P. all gathered here (except the full-lengths)!

The NARD CURSE EP first appeared in 2000 on 7" format released by themselves (Camel Clutch Records) which sold out quite quickly. In the following year, Six Weeks Records did a CD version and added their "Hometown Pride" '99 Demoand finally, in 2009, 6131 Records did the LP versionThese are fast and to the point songs, caught the nardcore scene by storm!

In 2002 came out "Plays The Hits" possibly their rarest release. It's a 7" with 8 cover songs, tribute to the NARDCORE. If you're not familiar with it, heres a chance to get to know the foundations of the nardcore scene, through the bands covered in this EP.

At last, IN CONTROL's farewell release, the "Kayfabe Memories" (aka Yesterday EP) by dormant Rivalry Records back in 2003/2004. Even though these last songs are not as fast,  that full-hearted-hardcore music they were known for, remains. Will be missed.

Now to recap, the IN CONTROL's EPs:

BREAKING THE CURSE (Six Weeks, 2001) [Tracks 01-07 from Nard Curse EP / Tracks 08-15 from '99 Demo]

01 Give Me Some Reality
02 Oxnard Crew
03 Fuel The Fire
04 Sometime
05 Let It Be
06 Yesterday Or Tomorrow?
07 Something More
08 Cash And Burn
09 It Can Happen
10 Too Little Too Late
11 Hometown Pride
12 Until It's Gone
13 It's For Everyone
14 Break Free
15 Nardcore

PLAYS THE HITS (For The Core, 2002)

A1 Skate To Live [by Skared Straight]
A2 Posi-Change [by Diehard Youth]
A3 Razors In The Night [by Blitz]
A4 Crucified [by Dr. Know]
B1 Oxnard [by Ill Repute]
B2 Die When You Die [by G.G. Allin]
B3 Sometime [by Stalag 13]
B4 Money Machine [by Agression]

KAYFABE MEMORIES (Rivalry, 2004)
01 Victory
02 Tradition
03 Kayfabe Memories
04 He Fails Me
05 Fuel The Fire [CD Bonus]

[Re-up April 2018]


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