all things old school: BUS PASS - Demo + EP

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BUS PASS - Demo + EP

Location: Canada
Release: DIY, 2005-2007

Heard about this band on the defunct Good News Records website ages ago.

 I guess Bus Pass comes from the same area as Risky Business, Halifax - Nova Scotia and might even been buddies. I came up with this brilliant (and relevant) conclusion through a Risky Biz Demo 7" artwork, where there's a Racoon wearing a Bus Pass t-shirt (wow!). They also played in Risky's last show and were never seen again..

Anyway, two albums were produced, a demo and an EP, 8 tracks total. Their motto was to run over lame people with a bus. Angry stuff, can't miss!


Shouts to crunchfight and ToxicBreed Crew!

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